Music Department

Music Department

Music Department is one of the Departments in ANFCBII. The Department was established with ministry in view in order to musically enhance the various gifts, talents and callings of the students.

The Music Department runs two programmes, namely:

The Elective and Intensive Music Diploma Programmes with duration of two years each.

  1. The Elective Music. The Elective Music runs concurrently with the Theology programme. This Elective is exclusively available in the full time Diploma Programme.

As the word of God is the most important aspect of the music ministers’ life, ANFCBII does not offer the Elective Music to any other except those who enrol in the full time English-Speaking Diploma in Bible and Ministerial Studies.

The Elective Music takes an average of 6 lecture hours per week in every semester for two years. The remaining 19 hours are used for theological courses; at this time, Music students will attend the main Diploma core subjects in the main lecture hall along with the theology and Mission students. To view these subjects, go to the “Diploma Programme” section of the website.


  1. The Intensive Music: The Intensive Music is a Weekend programme which runs every Saturday of the week. It is also called the Saturday Intensive Programme. It runs from 9:00am – 3:00pm. It gives opportunity to both ANFCBII Students and Non- ANFCBII students who are interested in music training.

All the Music Department Courses includes subjects in practical and theoretical fields on a variation of instruments and styles of Music theory.

The Department also organizes a music day each semester otherwise known as “Praise Day” in which everyone is carried along in the school. The programme is always designed to be worship oriented and moment of refreshing in God’s presence.


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