Missions Major

 The Missions Major prepares the student to enter the Associate of Arts degree in Missions. In order to enrol in the Associate of Arts Degree in Missions, the students must have completed the Missions Major in the Diploma programme. The Missions Major is only available to the fulltime English speaking Diploma student and French Diploma students.

Elective courses for the Missions major take up an average of six lecture hours per week for the two-year programme. During the remaining 19 hours per week, the students will attend the main lecture hall along with the Theology and Music students and read courses listed in the “Diploma Programme” section of this website. Click on the “Diploma Programme” section to view the remaining subjects. At the beginning of each new semester the Missions HOD will announce which of the main Diploma courses the Missions student will forfeit in order to attend Missions Major lectures.

Courses in this major relate to cross-cultural missions, both the history of and the current world need. The skills needed for the mission field are covered in these courses.

Language acquisition courses are also part of the mission’s curriculum. Techniques needed to learn a new language are taught. French and Hausa are used as examples of languages that the student may need to learn for the mission’s field. We also have the 3 years Missions programme that runs for 3 years. It’s mainly a Saturday 10a.m – 3p.m.

As often as possible the missions students go on field trips in un-reached areas.

Subjects in the Missions major may include;

  • African Traditional Religions
  • Language Acquisition Techniques (Hausa/French)
  • Cross Cultural Church Planting
  • Islam/Missions Research
  • Discipleship
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Cross Cultural Skill and understanding
  • Youth Ministry
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Urban and Rural Studies
  • Introduction To Missions
  • Tent Making
  • Bible and Missions
  • Literacy and Adult Education
  • Missions Issues and Trend
  • Psychology of Christian Counselling
  • Missionary life and His Works
  • Personal Edification
  • Christian Missions History.

The 1 year weekend program for missions’ classes on weekends likewise the 3 years missions and theological classes for weekends.

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