Full-Time Two Year Diploma Programme

The Full-Time Diploma programme is offered on Campus at Benin City, Nigeria. It is a two-year course for successful students and no correspondence programmes are available.

Students who attend this programme may live on or off campus. Students who live on campus are referred to as Boarding Students. Students who live off campus are referred to as Day Students. Boarding and Day Students alike are required to attend all lectures on campus.

To graduate from the Diploma of Bible and Ministry Programme a student needs to obtain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.00 and fulfill the other student requirements as are published by ANFCBII from time to time. A student who obtains a GPA under 2.00 and over 1.00 will obtain a Certificate in Bible and Ministry. A student who obtains a GPA of less than 1.00 will obtain a certificate of proficiency in practical ministry from ANFCBII.

The courses below may be included in the two-year full-time Diploma in Bible and Ministry Programme. Each semester runs for about five months. There are two semesters in each year of the two-year programme. All students take some of the courses and some of the courses are electives.

This is a two-year rotating course. There are no prerequisites. That is, a student may start the two-year course at the beginning of any semester and finish two years later. If a student misses a semester, the student has to wait until that semester is repeated.



Subject                                                                                  Credit(s)

  1. John Gospel                                                                          3
  2. Christian Marriage and Family                                             3
  3. Church Administration                                                          3
  4. Cross and Sanctification                                                       3
  5. Principles of Prayer                                                               3
  6. Pentecostal Theology                                                            2
  7. Theology and Practice of Missions                                      2
  8. English Language 1                                                               2
  9. Authority of the Bible                                                             1
  10. The Tabernacle                                                                      1
  11. Health Science                                                                       1
  12. Idahosa’s Book Review 1                                                      1

                                                                                         25 Total Credits


 Subject                                                                              Credit (s)

  1. Biblical Leadership                                                            3
  2. Corinthians                                                                        3
  3. Holy Spirit and Eschatology                                              3
  4. Homiletics and Bible Study Methods                               3
  5. Modern Church History and Growth                                3
  6. Pastoral Ministries                                                            3
  7. Biblical Signs and Wonders                                            2
  8. Cults and World Religions                                              2
  9. English Composition 1                                                    2
  10. Principles of Interpretation                                             1
  11. Introduction to Computer                                               1

                                                                                     25 Total Credits


 Subject                                                                           Credit (s)

  1. Romans & Galatians                                                        3
  2. Systematic Theology                                                        3
  3. Blood Covenant, Faith and Healing                                2
  4. Intent of the Law                                                              2
  5. Ecclesiology and Ephesians                                           2
  6. Christian Education                                                         2
  7. New Testament Survey                                                    2
  8. Praise and Worship                                                          2
  9. Theory and History of Missions                                       2
  10. English Language 2                                                          2
  11. Discipleship                                                                       2
  12. Idahosa’s Book Review 3                                                1

                                                                                    25 Total Credits


 Subject                                                                            Credit (s)

  1. Acts of the Apostles                                                         3
  2. Hebrews                                                                            3
  3. Old Testament Survey                                                     3
  4. Major Themes of the Prophets                                        3
  5. Pastoral Counseling                                                         3
  6. Personal Evangelism                                                       3
  7. Life of Christ                                                                     3
  8. English Composition 2                                                    2
  9. Children Ministry                                                             1
  10. Fire in his Bones                                                              1
  11. Real Spiritual Warfare                                                     1
  12. Idahosa Book Review 4                                                  1

                                                                                   25 Total Credits

A total of 43 courses to be undertaken by all A.N.F.C.B.I.I Diploma students whether English, French or Hausa

It is worthy to note that each semester electives courses are taken for not less than 6 hours. At the moment, we are not running any correspondence course.

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