Conditions of Entry

An applicant will be accepted into ANFCBII based upon the following conditions. He or she;

  1. Must be 18 years of age or above.
  2. Must have a relationship with the Lord for at least one year or above.
  3. Must have served faithfully in a local church, giving evidence of service to the church, dedication to the word of God and honesty in personal affairs, for at least one year.
  4. Must have a personal conviction of the call of God into the ministry.
  5. Must have a reference from a Pastor or church leader that is acceptable.
  6. Must be sound in mental and physical health. Some times ANFCBII may demand medical report.
  7. Must have sufficient finances to meet their fees and personal obligations.
  8. Must have the relevant visa, if the student is a foreigner..
  9. Must accept to abide by the student rules and honour code of ANFCBII. See the sections on this website entitled “Student Rules” and “Student Honour Code”.
  10. Applicants without sufficient passes at secondary school level, especially in English, French or Hausa, maybe required to do extra study hours or an extra semester at ANFCBII in order to improve their academic level.
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