About Us

Archbishop Benson Idahosa in Benin City, Nigeria, founded ANFCBII in 1968. The School is now headed by Archbishop Margaret Idahosa as President and Rev. Dr. Usman I. Habib as the Provost.

ANFCBII currently has an enrolment of  over five hundred (500) students who are studying the Word of God to prepare for life and ministry in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. These students come from all over Africa. Students have also come from America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

ANFCBII has about 50 staff members. These come from many African nations. Many visiting lecturing regularly come from around the world.

Lectures are held in three languages – English, French and Hausa. Students who speak any one of these languages can pass through the two-year diploma course.

This web site is designed to show you the different programmes that ANFCBII offers and to lead you through the application process so you can enrol as a student on the School here in Benin City, Nigeria.

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